Adult Ministries

And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers...

  • SMALL groups

    New Song Bible Church hosts a number of 'small groups'. They meet during the week and are designed to allow further fellowship and study as we strive to know and serve one another persistently.

    Please contact the group leaders for additional information. 



    Roy & Carrie Jacobson's home, 9915 Colburn Culver Rd.

    Friday night, 6:00pm

    Led by Dennis West, 760-419-4002


    ken & Cherie Kessler home, 1181 S. Sagle Rd

    Wednesday night, 6:00pm

    Led by Dwight Sheffler, 208-610-0382


    Coleman  & Carolyn Frank’s home, 570 Gun Club Rd.  

    Monday night, 6:00pm

    Led by Coleman Frank, 208-610-8663

    Kevin & Abby Carlson's home, 1363 Spades Rd

    Monday night, 6:00pm

    Led by Kevin Carlson, 208-610-9365

    Keith and Laura Cutter's home, 144 Java Drive, Sagle

    Monday night, 6:00pm

    Led by Adam Dawson, 208-627-8433

    Cocolalla Group

    Norm and Laura Merz's home

    Wednesday night, 6:00pm

    Led by Mike Voth, 509-520-1518

    Click for small group discussion questions

  • New Song SINGLE sisters

    This active group of  women are dedicated to the church body.  They visit shut-in women on a regular basis, hold events to engage other seniors,  and serve in many areas of the church.

  • Men's ministry

    Men's ministry at New Song encourages discipleship through study, discussion, retreats, and hands-on projects that lead men into leadership roles. We are always exploring new opportunities to help men engage in the discipline of Christ-likeness.

    Be sure to join us at our yearly retreat at Camp Elohim each September! It's a wonderful weekend full of sound biblical teaching,  target practice, hiking, basketball, table tennis, and just relaxing and enjoying God's creation.

  • Women's Ministry

    New Song offers many opportunities for women to grow in their christian walk. Women's bible study is held on Wednesday mornings to study God's word and pray. An overnight women's retreat is held early in the fall and a day retreat during the spring or summer. We also have other classes, videos, simulcasts, and speakers offered throughout the year. 

    We also emphasize the importance of fellowship between women. We regularly plan women's wake-up meetings, movie and pizza nights, ice cream socials, luncheons, hiking and other outdoor activities, just to name a few.