A Message from the elder board

Dear Church Family, 


The elders would like to update you on what we have been discussing this week regarding the changing situation with the COVID-19 virus. Leaders at the County, State, and Federal level have asked for the public to follow a set of precautions and recommendations for large groups and gatherings. In the spirit of unity, we must work together to protect the ones that are most vulnerable to this virus. The best we can do at this time is limit exposure in groups larger than 10. The elders have decided to cancel all church activities. This includes Sunday service, women’s Bible study, and youth group. We would like to leave the option open for our small groups to meet if they would like. Please communicate with your small group leader to know if you will be meeting. We ask that if you are not feeling well, have any symptoms of this virus, Flu-like symptoms, or even a cold that you stay home.  Please use caution as this virus is very aggressive to people that have underlying respiratory issues or that are elderly. Common sense must prevail.

We assure you that this decision was not made in the spirit of fear, but in the spirit of unity and respect for the authority of our communities, state, and country. If you are healthy and not at risk, this is no time to hide in your home and watch over your supplies. What a time this is for the church body to lead by example – to show that we are a light to the world when everyone else is letting fear control them. Check on your neighbors, share your supplies, ask to run errands for the elderly, or others that are at risk for this virus. Above all, show everyone how wonderful it is to serve a God that is all powerful and all knowing.

The elders will continue to monitor this situation on a weekly basis and update you as we learn more and see how this situation progresses. We will send out updates, so you will be informed on when the church may gather back together.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to be worshiping with you soon.

NSBC Elder board

from the desk of pastor kevin

My brothers and sisters at New Song Bible Church-

By now you have all gotten the email from our elder board stating that New Song will be cancelling all activity, including the Sunday morning service, for at least one week. 

I wanted to share a little bit more about that decision and also offer some insight into how Christians should be responding to this pandemic.

The decision to cancel Sunday morning worship was an agonizing decision to make. I love being with you all on the Lord’s Day. It is good and right that we are together on the Lord’s Day. We have opted to cooperate with government officials and health care workers by avoiding gathering in groups of more than 10 people. We believe it is the right thing to do in order to “love our neighbors” by doing our part to minimizing the risk of the spread of a deadly virus. 

I understand this decision has the potential to disappoint some people, as opinions of this virus and how it is being handled are all over the spectrum. Please be gracious with us as we prayerfully consider what is best for our church. Again, this decision was very difficult. I pray that this time apart may cause us to never again take for granted our ability to meet together on a regular basis, which we hope to resume soon. 

I would also like to exhort you, Christians, to handle this pandemic in a way that brings glory to the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ. Here are a few thoughts about living as a Christian through this pandemic.

- Do not be afraid. The Bible commands us to “fear not” 365 times. And oftentimes the direct recipients of those words had much more to fear than a virus!  We serve a God who has authority over all things, including germs and viruses. It does not move an inch without His direction. This is a time to lean into God’s sovereignty and rejoice in His authority.

- Love your neighbor. I understand our impulse is to draw back and take care of ourselves. But this is a unique opportunity to stand out from the world. Love your neighbor by not hoarding. Seriously. Aren’t you more valuable than a sparrow? Because God provides for them. Take what you need to take care of your family, but our hope isn’t found in stockpiling canned peas! What a tremendous time to trust God this is. 

Love your neighbor by seeking out their needs. Do you know of an elderly person who cannot get their own groceries right now? Seize the opportunity to serve. Christians must be on the frontline of this. Be attentive to people’s needs. I don’t know what God is doing with all of this, but it could be the time that the world looks to the church for answers. Be ready. Jesus, please use the church for your glory during this crisis!

- Pray. Friends, this pandemic should drive us to fervent prayer. We pray for things with which we trust God. This disease has given us a fresh reminder about our fragility, the frailty of our society, and our lack of ability to restore order. We. Are. Dependent. On. God. And that’s good news, because we serve a gracious and sovereign God! Call out to Him!

- Stay connected with the church body. Although we are avoiding large group gatherings for now, that doesn’t mean you can’t have another couple into your home for dinner, or give each other a phone call, or even reach out on social media. It is important for Christians to stay connected through this crisis. 

Until we meet again, friends, remember that the desperation and fear of the world is something that Christ has already overcome. We should have supreme confidence and peace, because our solitary hope in this life and the next is the shed blood of Jesus Christ which has purchased us as sons and daughters of the living God. 

We will monitor the situation closely, and eagerly anticipate when we can all gather and worship together again. 

In Christ,

Kevin Carlson

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD!”

Psalm 122:1

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